Water Storage Systems

Water Storage Systems

We offer a complete solution for above-ground water storage  impoundments. Above ground impoundments are designed to provide large  volumes of above-ground water storage fast and efficiently. The frame is  constructed out of durable steel and is designed for simple assembly,  tear down and re-assembly when utilizing the system for successive  drilling/fracking sites.

The above-ground impoundments are an economic solution for high  volume water storage without extensive design and time constraints  associated with in centralized impoundment that feeds multiple remote  drilling sites, or a single use site specific impoundment. Our  impoundments are available in 10,000 to 60,000 bbl capacity.

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Impoundment Storage Benefits

Less Ground Disturbance

  • Above ground storage impoundments require less excavation, disturbance, and space for excavated material storage.

Mobile and Re-Usable

  • Above-ground systems are easily de-constructed, transported and stored or reconstructed on another site.Faster To Install And Disassemble
  • In most cases, above ground storage facilities may be installed and ready for use within seven days of mobilization. Disassembly and removal is about the same as the install time.

Minimal Site Reclamation

  • Because of minimal ground disturbance, site reclamation is much quicker with less equipment and manpower.

Not Affected By Water Table Depth

  • There is no concern for being 2′ above the ground water table, as the systems are installed near the ground surface level.

Leasing Means Lowering Cost

  • We offer efficient leasing options for complete storage systems. Our impoundment tank rental plan offers substantial savings over outright purchase. Call for details on this cost saving plan and rental options.