Site Assessments

Site Assessments


We provide a full complement of land surveying services utilizing  state of the art instrumentation and computer software, experienced  field and office staff, and Professional Land Surveyors.

Below is a list of the most prevalent services we offer. Please contact us for more additional information regarding these and other available services.

Responsibilities for AAI Components

Duties of SLS / Environmental Professional (EP)

  • Environmental Inquiry
  • Visual inspections of the facility and adjoining properties.
  • Interviews with past and present owners, operators, and occupants.
  • Reviews of historical sources.
  • Reviews of federal, state, tribal and local government records.

Duties of “User / Client”

  • Searches for recorded environmental cleanup liens.
  • Consideration of “specialized knowledge” of the subject property and adjoining properties.
  • Consideration of the relationship of the purchase price to the value of the property, if not contaminated.

Duties Shared by EP & “User / Client”

  • Consideration of the “degree of obviousness of contamination.”
  • Consideration of commonly known information about the property.